To be eligible for consideration, companies must:
  • Be headquartered in South Carolina.
  • Have been in operation for at least three full fiscal years.
  • Have reported revenues of at least $3 million in the most recent reported year.


Company rankings are based on the three most recently completed fiscal years at the time of nomination. Nominees are judged on financial growth and employee growth over the three-year period 2015, 2016 and 2017. Members of the sponsoring organizations make site visits to the nominees to meet with company executives and view the facilities and office.

To be considered for the SC Economic Impact Award in 2017, please submit the nomination form for the SC Fastest Growing and fill in the capital investment and community involvement information.

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Press Info
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Revenue, Pre-tax Income and Employment
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For Most Recently Completed Fiscal Year(e.g. 12-31-2017)

For Fiscal Year Ending Prior to Most Recently Completed Fiscal Year (e.g. 12-31-2016)

For Fiscal Year Ending Prior to Most Recently Completed Fiscal Year (e.g. 12-31-2015)

SC Economic Impact Award Qualification Information

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